About Me & Event Design

I have always been passionate about beauty, style, roses and… cups and teapots – the “high tea” kind of cups and teapots – and then I started putting these wonderful elements together into lacy, blush, peach and mint pieces of heaven. Conclusion? This is what fulfills and makes me happy: planning, organizing events and delivering beauty and making you smile on the most special days of your lives.

It all starts with a dream, a word, an image, a flower or a book, with your love story or the birth of your child, with your birthday or your engagement shooting. Then, it’s my turn to transform all these into your individual event design and plan it into the smallest detail.

I am glad to answer your requests in English or German and I can give it a try in Italian and Spanish (even if my skills in these languages may be a little bit rusty) and my partner can also cover Russian. I will for sure reveal more about me in my blog posts, so stay close!
A Cup of Roses a day makes you smile right away :)

Yours truly,
Irene Gutan