12 things you need to tell your wedding designer to get a relevant decoration concept and quote

Dear brides,

As intuitive as we are, we don’t read minds… well, at least not from the very beginning. So, if you’ve been pinning your dream wedding décor on your inspiration board for the last two years and everything is so obvious to you, please take 10 more minutes to get us on board.

An event designer needs an average of 3 hours to put together a customized decoration concept and summarize the offers of all involved partners. Getting all the relevant details from our brides is essential to our and your cost- and time-efficiency.

So let’s get to it. What do event designers need to hear from their clients before getting to that calculation spreadsheet? And yes, I am saying “event designers”, cause these criteria apply to all kinds of event design, not only weddings.
  1. Your wedding date. It’s important to us whether we are available or we have to get a partner on board to do the magic at the location.
  2. The schedule on the wedding day. Knowing how long we have to decorate at each location, whether we can decorate the day before, without any time pressure, and when we have to pick up our decoration items again, are also very important aspects for the calculation.
  3. Your civil and/or religious ceremony location. Is it the registry office? Is it an external venue? Is it in another town? Which church is it?
  4. What exactly do you want your ceremony setting to look like? A flower arrangement on the altar table, decorating the whole aisle with lots of candles and petals? Tying a rose to each pew or rather sumptuous orchid arrangement at the beginning and end of the aisle? Maybe a flower arch for your garden ceremony?
  5. Your wedding venue. This information is relevant not only for the delivery costs, but mainly for the design concept itself. Decorating a wine cellar is not the same as creating a wedding design concept for a luxury hotel or castle. The name of your contact person at the venue or the contact details of your wedding planner are also very helpful. Designers can align with them timing and logistical aspects.
  6. The number of guests and tables. Here I mean: are there round or rectangular tables? How many guests per table? These parameters are crucial to the centrepieces.
  7. Your colour theme. Give us at least one or two colours and we’ll take it from there. It is always very important what dominant colours there are at the venue and whether it is necessary – or whether you are ready to deal with the costs – to mask non-matching elements, or adapt your colour palette to create a unitary decoration concept.
  8. Your favourite flowers. Tell us which flowers you would love to have in your bouquets, boutonnieres, table centrepieces, and also what you don’t want to see in your wedding design concept. Keep in mind that we will put together your décor concept based on seasonal flowers, to avoid huge extra-costs.
  9. Special wishes?  Tell us how “far” we can go – you don’t like the chairs at the venue, you want golden tablecloths and cutlery? Or the venue doesn’t provide furniture at all? Together with our partners, we will come up with the perfect combination of items.
  10. Stationery. Do you already have your invitations sent out and the whole set of corresponding prints ordered? If you already do, we need to see them, as a starting point for the design concept. We will also need them a few days before the wedding, e.g. to place your escort cards on the table, or to prepare your giveaways with name tags. Of course, stationery is also an aspect that can be coordinated by your wedding designer as part of a unitary decoration concept.
  11. Wedding favours and welcome bags for your guests travelling from abroad. You can either give us some ideas of what appeals you and we’ll come up with the solution, or you can leave it completely to us.
  12. Your decoration budget. Last but not least, it is essential to know a budget range for all the services that you want us to include in our offer. Depending on this, we will choose elements that fit into your budget from the very beginning.

Hope this gives you an idea of an efficient enquiry.

Photos by Marie & Michael Photography, from Okan & Aylin's surprise proposal planned and coordinated by High Emotion Weddings at Hotel Imperial Vienna.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
XOXO, Irene