Charmed by Little Britain

One of my latest discoveries made by chance during my continuous search for interesting people and places: Cafe Little Britain - and yes, it has it all: an extremely nice, charming, dynamic owner - Ilona, thanks for the nice talk we had smiley - friendly staff, great food and the perfect ambiance to start your day in or have a chilled-out afternoon snack.

Foto: Cafe Little Britain

I also imagine it as the perfect place to have a loooong chat with friends that you haven't seen for a while, to lay back in one of those comfy armchairs and read your love stories or write your blog post while enjoying a perfect cup of tea and one of those yummy cakes... Oh yes, if you're planning a longer stay there, you might be tempted to try more than one piece of the gorgeous homemade cakes. 

I had a wonderful crispy warm "Twister Weckerl" with Brie, cranberries and pear, which you can see in the picture below, a big cup of black tea (served with a sweet little teapot for one) with milk and a delicious "Honigtraum" ("honey dream") cake.

Foto: Irene Gutan

If you love hearty breakfasts, this is absolutely the place for some great English variations. But you may want to book a table if you're planning a weekend visit there. The value-for-money ratio is pretty good. For example, you get a huge piece of cake for only 2,50 €.

Last but not least, the most important topic for me: design! Shortly: sweet, enchanting, tasteful. I love those pieces of furniture and those porcelain teapotsheart After all, the visit made my rest of the day much easier and I returned to work... with a smile smiley

Foto: Cafe Little Britain

Have a look! It is worth it.
Cafe Little Britain
Engerthstrasse 249
1020 Vienna

Wishing you a great weekend!
Your truly,