I'm in love! What's next?

I don't know if it's the flu which has been keeping me in bed for the past few days or the joy of seeing everything coming back to life again... Anyway, the last episode of Desperate Housewives was aired today on sixx and triggered my need to write this post. Yees.. I am one of those who love Desperate Housewives and could watch it over and over again for those witty puns and juicy dialogues, and then cry every single time I watch the last episode cheeky
It is about love, marriage, happiness. It's about the question that we all ask ourselves: "OK, now what's next?" Well my dears, don't simply check your wedding on your "Life's to do list" and then ask yourselves what's to be achieved next. When you feel that nothing new and interesting has happened lately to fulfill your need for achievement, take a moment to remember how much you desired to be loved and how very much loved you are now. And smile. smile at your husband/wife... 

Take a look, it makes sense even if you're not a Desperate Housewives groupie:

And then.. the whole series is a wonderful homage to friendship. Oh how I miss my dearest friends! We see each other 1-3 times a year, cause we're living in different parts of Europe, but love has always kept us close together. 

It doesn't have be Christmas to say "I love you" and be happy to have friends heart For all the great friends and couples in the world, wondering what happiness is, this song is for you.