The Paper Wedding

To say THANK YOU to all my dear fans, I am now opening the doors to a very private event: my first wedding anniversary. It is also my way of saying: CELEBRATE EVERYTHING!!
The real anniversary was on June 15, but as I've already told you in my post "Ingrid & Herman - a wedding with history", on that particular day I had to do with another wedding - out of professional reasons smiley So, the only thing that we managed on that day was a bottle of champagne and watching our wedding video. Nevertheless, my dear husband and I had promised to each other to celebrate every single anniversary in a special way, even if it's not exactly on the 15th of June (anyway, we kind of say "Happy Anniversary" on each 15th of the month wink).

Aaand.. let me tell you about my mother - let alone that she is one of the sweetest people on earth heart - she doesn't miss any celebration occasion and is extremely enthusiastic about decorating and expressing the symbolism of each day in the most creative way possible. Even if this means working for weeks on a dress or decoration items that she will only use on that one day. I wish I had that kind of patience!! To be more specific, she designed and made my paper dress from scratch. She cut out of bridal magazines and sewed all these endless meters of paper together. After 3 weeks of hard work, there I was, wearing this unique impressing paper dress for my paper wedding. I only needed my paper bouquet and I was ready to go. So, I made it out of tissue paper in strong colors that match the main colors of the dress.

Yes, I know, you may find that the first anniversary is actually cotton, but that's in the UK, while paper is on the US list of anniversaries.

A thousand THANK YOU go also to my dear friend Ludmila, for doing my hair heart

We had our shooting 4 months after our anniversary, with a very talented photographer: Attila Hajos. I chose him because I knew he would come up with the necessary dose of drama and mystery in his amazing pictures. Besides, he was great at giving us some very useful posing tips.

Hope you enjoy the photos. We were exremely lucky with 20 degrees and a happy sun shining down on us on that October day and are very happy to have the pictures now, shortly before our 1,5 years' anniversary - one of the nicest Christmas presents, too. Thank you, Attila!

Idea & Organization: High Emotion Weddings - Like on Facebook
Photography: Attila Hajos Photography - Like on Facebook
Paper dress: mum smiley
Paper bouquet: Cup of Roses - Like on Facebook
Hair: Ludmila Pascal-Negrute
Location: Botanical Garden, Cluj-Napoca